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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning Services Cleveland Ohio

1. Who is HOTT Associates?

We have been in business for 20 years, as HOTT Associates was founded in 1996. HOTT is locally owned, headquartered in Middleburg Heights, a suburb of Cleveland.

2. How big a company is HOTT Associates?

HOTT Associates is an efficient organization, built around our 230 employees. Our office staff is comprised of four full-time persons and one part-time person; all of the rest of our employees are “field personnel”. We are large enough to have the resources to solve your challenges; we are small enough to take care of the details for you.

3. Are you a Franchise?

HOTT Associates is an independent entity, unaffiliated with any other company and/or parent company. HOTT is not a franchise, nor do we use subcontractors to clean our facilities.

4. Is HOTT a Minority-owned company?

HOTT Associates is an official, woman-owned business. We are accredited as an FBE, CSB, SBE and DBE. Additionally, HOTT’s staff is comprised of over 65% women.

5. Do you have any experience cleaning Medical Facilities?


Our experience in medical facility cleaning is extensive. We clean two hospitals and twenty-five facilities (medical offices) that total more than 1.6 million square feet. More importantly, our results at these facilities are excellent. We have cleaned in eleven of these buildings for more than five years, including one facility in which we have cleaned for over 15 years. In addition, we are very adept at working with the medical staffs (and accompanying personalities) at these types of facilities.


6. Why is HOTT different? Why should I choose HOTT?

  • Mature, carefully-chosen employees who care about our customers and who take their jobs seriously.
  • We have an Industrial Engineer on our staff. We plan the work thoroughly, we execute the plan well and we carefully inspect the work. This makes HOTT unique in our industry.
  • HOTT’s Operational model:
    • For the competition, the modus operandi is that the supervisor is the backup cleaning crew.
    • At HOTT, our supervisors are hired to train the crew, to inspect your facility and to make sure every worker has the tools needed to do their job.
    • This is what our supervisors do, every day. This is a tremendous benefit for you and your tenants.
  • Our customer service is way beyond what the competition provides; we are readily available, we return messages and e-mails promptly and we solve your problems quickly and effectively.
  • Proven results speak for themselves; we provide good quality service, at a fair price.

7. What other services does HOTT provide?

  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Hard and resilient floor care; scrubbing, stripping and refinishing
  • Terrazzo refinishing; strip, clean and polish to return the stone to its beautiful, natural appearance
  • Clean carpeting and chairs
  • Restroom Detailing; HOTT utilizes the Kaivac Process to thoroughly disinfect and deodorize your restrooms and locker rooms from top to bottom
  •  Consulting
    • We have experience with several clients
    • HOTT thoroughly analyzes your housekeeping services, and provides you with an Executive Summary of recommendations
    • HOTT can assist with training, purchasing, budgeting, scheduling and all other related tasks to help you improve your housekeeping department
  • Contact us, we will figure out a way to assist you. If we have not done it ourselves, we will know of a company that can help.
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