Hott Associates Inc. | 6801 Engle Road, Suite G | Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

Our Core Values

We are Human

HOTT has a simple rule; treat persons as we want to be treated. Whether you are a customer, an employee or a vendor, we treat you with respect. We strive to do this every day.

We Improve

Our business philosophy, since the founding of HOTT, is to practice Kaizen. What is that? Kaizen is defined as continuous, incremental improvements in all phases of activity. We live this, every day.

We are Accountable

We take the trust our customers place in us seriously. When there is a concern, we address it and move ahead; no excuses. When you contact us, we will respond. We do our job, every day.

We are Fair

HOTT is committed to providing very good service at a fair price. We are in business to forge long-term relationships. We know that profitability results from achieving these goals.

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